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Well done, Joe.

There’s a saying – and I can’t remember exactly how it goes. It’s something like this: Balance is important in the natural order of life. Anything we do, we can overdo or underdo. If the pendulum swings too far to one side, it will inevitably swing to the other.

A lesson that is lost on the left.

Extremes of any kind – even taking rigid sides on an issue – ultimately results in the pendulum swinging fast and far in the opposite direction.

How many shoppers at your local grocery store still wear their masks? How many joggers do you see on the street still wearing their masks? How many of your neighbors still wear masks in their own front yard? Do you still wear yours …just in case? Have you been vaccinated, but you’re still wearing it …just in case?

The left has been so obsessed, consumed, possessed, plagued, fixated on ruling the country that they didn’t even realize they rammed agoraphobia down 150 million people’s throats. Welcome to the world of panic where going out to your garden terrifies you.

I personally know people who weren’t agoraphobic before, but they are now. Petrified to go outside. Scared to be around people. They’re literally rattled when they see people – when they see me – without a mask. The new normal.

There’s another universal law that the left has overlooked: cause and effect.

Law of action.

Biden has signed 46 executive orders, 18 presidential memoranda, 77 proclamations, and 13 notices.

The result? Just in New York, more than 200,000 people have dumped the democratic party and joined the republicans.

Just. In. New. York.

Karmic ripples.

Well done, Joe.

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