My story

I’m Lisa. Hi, nice to meet you. Thanks for being here.

I was born in Rhode Island. My parents were Italian and Irish. All this means is we were Catholic, and food was of crucial importance in our family.

I lived in RI until I was 26. Then I moved to Phoenix, AZ.

I’ll admit I do not fit in well here. I love the outdoors, but the heat is dreadful. A Phoenix summer starts in April and doesn’t end till October. It’s also very beige. The walls, the landscape, and even the cars are beige. When you do see a pop of color, the HOA stamps it out because they’re beige, too. And no one is actually from here. We’re basically all permanent tourists.

I’ve been in marketing for most of my career. I didn’t choose marketing. Does anyone? I got into it when I realized I was out of options. But it hasn’t been all bad, and I’m not wholly unaccomplished. I know the difference between goals, strategies and tactics. I can also tell a story – the same story – a hundred different ways.

I play songs on repeat. I often lay on the floor for indefinite amounts of time. I cry when I watch commercials by the Ad Council. And I take pictures and read nutrition labels – daily. (Sometimes I take pictures OF nutrition labels.)

It’s been told to me that “we only have one go-around.” This statement keeps me looking back. It also reminds me to look forward. But mostly, it’s making me look within.

Please read my stories, fall in love with me, and tell your friends.

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