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Fast replies are attractive – unless it’s karma

vegan soap

I’ve told Oakley (my shepherd) for eleven hours today that we’d go to the p – a – r – k. 

Whenever she got up from the floor, I would say, “save your energy,” and not use it all up or too fast. I prioritized … anything … over taking her to the park, but I kept promising.

Finally, it was time; I grabbed her leash, and she was ready. Think about when you were five, and it was Christmas morning. Yeah. Just like that. 

We get in the car. I pulled out of the garage and turned the corner only seconds before the sky turned gray. I figured I could make it to the park, let her play for 20 minutes and get back before the rain. But it started to sprinkle, so I drove her around the block and back into the garage.

Turning the corner by my house (twice), I saw a 10-year-old standing by a folding table with a sign. When I got Oak back in the house, (she was not happy), I grabbed the six bucks in my wallet and walked to the corner to buy what looked like single cake servings on this girls table. Or I thought maybe they were rolls, or from a distance, it even looked like a giant rice Krispie treat. At the very least, candy. Kids sell this sort of stuff on corners, right? They have lemonade stands. They sell candy bars. Who knows, maybe she was an innovator and decided on a Hawaiian Rolls stand. I don’t know, it’s possible. 

I had my cash out, and I walked up to her and was like, “Hi, what are you selling?” all while thinking how cool she’s selling bread. I can’t wait!

It wasn’t bread.

It wasn’t cake.

It wasn’t even candy bars from Walgreens.

It was soap.

Homemade, vegan soap. 

Karma, you work fast, my little b&^%h.

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