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About Me

Me & My Blog: The Origins

(Where are all my slow learners?)

It took me half a century to learn one lesson: I cannot satisfy society, but I can satisfy my soul.

I’m Lisa. Marketer by profession; Easterner by birth; woman behind the blog.

I would like to set the record straight on something. People think writers write, edit, and finish books. But what writers actually do is avoid writing, watch videos, spend all day in pajamas, complain bitterly about writing, start random new ideas while avoiding the work-in-progress they’ve been working on for a year, and cry a lot.

And that’s how and why this blog was started. It was a random new idea I had while I was in this messy middle place. It was a middle, mundane moment and I realized that if I sat still and didn’t write, I’d eventually start to stress about not writing. You know, the kind of stress one feels when trying to fit all the snacks in your pocket? That level of stress.  

So, dear readers, now that you know this blog was started while in a mood, you should understand that in following me you will most definitely not be following a writer with a stand-out message. No. Instead, you’ll find the macabre, the strange and the curious, intelligent meanderings, or romantic musings of a writer sitting in the messy middle.

Welcome to my place. Here’s hoping you fall in love with me.

I’m Lisa. Hi, nice to meet you. Thanks for being here.

I was born in Rhode Island. My parents were Italian and Irish. All this means is we were Catholic, and food was of crucial importance in our family.

I lived in RI until I was 26. Then I moved to Phoenix, AZ.

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What really matters:


It’s chaos out there; it’s not surprising I’m drawn to trees. They’re old, stable, and wise.

buddha in the yard

It’s only possible to live happily ever after on a moment-to-moment basis. 

chocolate cake pops

Save no small pleasure for an unspecified time. You  can’t pin joy like a moth.