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7 Secretive confessions that probably won’t shock your socks (or even mildly alarm them) but here goes

Time to break out the protein chips and start whispering secret confessions. 

Everyone loves a good confession, especially when the admission comes from someone you think is perfectly fantastically flawless! Admit it. Your evil little eyeballs jump at a chance to know all the things.  

Perhaps you have made assumptions. Maybe you are curious. Possibly you are none of these things but accidentally clicked on my blog while scrolling with your big thumbs.

Nonetheless, welcome anyway. Let’s spill a few secrets and eat protein chips! Because why not?

CONFESSION #1: I barely ever buy books

If you’ve seen pictures of my books, you’re probably thinking, “But you have so many!” It’s true. I am ridiculously and enormously, and incomprehensibly blessed with books, but about 50% were gifts from friends or giveaways I’ve won. Perhaps 30% are from garage sales, meaning we’re talking 50 cents to $1 per book. And 20% I bought at full price from the bookstore. 

Except for those garage sales, I barely ever spend money on books. Thrifty bookworm winning here (which is good because I am the poor).

CONFESSION #2: I have a very strict unorganized writing schedule


On the one hand, my writing block is from 2-7 pm, exactly without fail, every single day: blogs, social media, short stories, pages of my book. I am like the clockwork beast of awesome. 

On the other hand, I usually have no idea what I’m going to write about as I sit down to write. I occasionally weep as I sit staring at my screen, wondering what fried pretzel made such a strict schedule for themself but neglected to COME UP WITH CONTENT.

 It’s a mess around here. An adorable mess, though.

CONFESSION #3: I never weigh in on important topics (anymore)

I have firm opinions. Do I blog about them? Not anymore. This is 50% because someone else has already very articulately said what I think, so read their blog post instead and let me eat my chips like a child. And it’s 50% because do you expect me to say something profound and poignant? That’s not on my resume. (I have to admit, I miss putting out the raving opinion pieces like I used to. The opinions are still there. It’s the “raving” that I’ve tempered.)

CONFESSION #4: I plagiarize myself constantly

When you’ve been writing for so many years, you sometimes blink and say, “We’ll, I’ve got nothing.” Or, if you are me, you end up writing a brilliant and inspired post and then randomly search your blog because something about it felt familiar, only to realize you’d already written about this. Then you post it anyway and cry to chocolate because chocolate understands.  

But seriously, I should take legal action against myself. I’m terrible.

CONFESSION #5: I have 0% care for rude internet people because they are turnips

Life is too short to cry over what nameless internet turnip-heads think, and life is too short for turnips in general. Like seriously, what is the point of a turnip? 

CONFESSION #6: I don’t force myself to achieve 2000%

Gone are the days when I’d blog every. damn. day. 

(A) Book writing needs to be a priority over blogging because hopeful career there; (B) my blog will not perish if I don’t post every day, and (C) I am trying to keep it fun! That’s the key to sticking to blogging for years and years and years. 

CONFESSION #7: I can’t shut up, apparently

This needs to be said, though I don’t think it’s a secret. Look at all my random word trails leading to irrelevant discussions on turnips. I feel mildly guilty when I write about nothing, but I can’t stop. I’m happy – sometimes, about nothing. And life is too short not to be happy (or blog happily) – and that is my goal here. Be happy, blog happy. 

Plus, I have much to say – even when it’s about nothing. But don’t assume that it’s my fault. My brain is just so interested in stuff…

Well, I’ve spilled enough confessions. Nothing earth-shattering; I’m still that delicate dandelion of niceness that you believe me to be. But I do promise I’ll try to write something-more-interesting-less-nothing next time. 

Maybe I’ll tackle a conspiracy theory! 

Maybe I’ll talk about my biggest regret!

Maybe I’ll talk about my plans to build a self-sufficient backyard so that I can live off the grid (power grid, and all)!

Or maybe I’ll just share a few jokes…

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