Pick your side.

Let me begin by apologizing for what is about to read as a terrible comparison.

As a child, I remember the day when Elvis Presley passed away. I was only 10 years old and didn’t understand what was happening, but I felt something that I also didn’t quite understand. It wasn’t devastation; it was more like sadness. But as a child, I had been sad before, and this was still disturbingly different. It could have been the reaction of the adults around me. They were wrecked, torn to pieces. It was as if something achingly horrendous had happened in the world, something that had shaken everyone to their core. As a child, I had never seen adults cry. But that day, every adult around me was in tears.

Fast forward to today. I was sitting at my desk when I heard the news about Tucker Carlson. It may seem like an inappropriate (or unbalanced) comparison, but this news feels just as dark and maybe more sinister to me than Elvis’s death did when I was a child. Tucker isn’t a king, and not everyone loves him, but there is something about this news that has me feeling like there is something deeply wrong in the world.

Yes, it’s possible that Tucker was sacrificed as part of the Dominion settlement, but I am starting to feel like this fight is not just about politics anymore; it’s a real battle between good and evil.

I hope everyone is paying attention. I don’t care which side you vote for, who you pray to, or where you’ve planted your seeds. It would help if you got in the fight. And however it is placed on your heart to do so, do so.

Whether it’s boycotting Bud Light, canceling your Amazon orders, or deleting your TikTok, do it. Take your stand.

Or if you’re feeling it differently, and instead of canceling something, you want to start something, then do that. Sign a petition. When you sign a petition, you learn something, and becoming educated is the ideal stand you could take. The point I want to make is that there are many ways to get involved in this fight, and it doesn’t always have to include giving up something. You could hit a donate button; or not. I suggest attending a rally. Just do something. Do anything. Find a way to get involved in the fight against evil. It’s up to all of us to make a difference, and we should have started yesterday.

Evil doesn’t just stop when it has a few people on its side. It’s always working to win the whole board, and we need to be vigilant in our fight against it. Don’t sit quietly, staring pensively out a window, waiting for someone else to do something. There is a tiny village of heinous monsters feeding off of others. They started it, and though I hate to ruin your day, it requires all of us getting in the ring, regardless of political affiliation or religious beliefs. It’s good vs. evil. Pick your side